President Trump joins Time’s Up

Photo courtesy of Newsweek | The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, was seen on his private golf course Thursday. He was sporting the Hollywood-based Time’s Up movement t-shirt, which is very popular among attractive stars.

Our beloved president, Donald Trump, has proven to be a true feminist as he pledged allegiance to the Time’s Up movement yesterday. As the newest addition to the pool of celebrities speaking out against and providing subsidized legal support for those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace, Trump was an unsurprising ally to the movement.

As we know, during the campaign season, Trump further exemplified himself as the stand-up feminist ally we always knew he was by interrupting the totally unqualified and probably PMS-ing presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, to say, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody.” And boy do we know it. After all, Trump continues to deny rape allegation after rape allegation like the true American he is.

“I thought those people with the shirts were right, you know?” Trump told the Newswire. “Time is up! I cannot take this harassment and assault any longer. So I’m coming forward.”

Though Hillary has only been a champion for women her entire life, Trump, on the other hand, really had to work to earn his feminist card by overcoming the struggles of White male privilege. By not being born with a vagina and having the ease of feminism handed to him, Trump, an outcast, really made a statement by joining the movement.

“Women are beautiful,” Trump told the Newswire. “And once I saw all the beautiful women, I thought it would be crazy not to join!” The jokester of a president said he felt like a perfect fit among the female celebrities: He was on a television show, had declared bankruptcy fewer than 10 times and could really rock a fake tan. Not to mention, he is a social media pro.

Trump will also be joining feminist icon Stormy Daniels as the new spokespeople for the movement. They have a calendar shoot scheduled for the coming months and will be covered in only clocks and other time pieces. The photoshoot may be a bit awkward as the two have never met before, but photographers are sure the two will have great chemistry and flexibility.

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Average Angry Woman~