Two children killed, 9 others injured after stabbing and hijacking in Dayton

One month after a mass shooting which left 10 dead and 27 injured, the Dayton community is now mourning the death of two children and the injury of nine others after a three-vehicle crash in the city’s downtown area.

The individual suspected of causing the crash has been identified by the Dayton Police Department as Raymond Walters, Jr., a Dayton resident.

According to authorities, the incident began around 7:10 p.m. on Aug. 26 at Walters’ home, when he allegedly stabbed his father and stole his father’s 1999 Chevy Cruiser.

Shortly after, officers responded when a vehicle matching that description crashed into a tree, and they reportedly attempted to arrest Walters on the scene.

An officer used a taser in the attempted arrest, which reportedly failed to incapacitate Walters. Authorities said Walters proceeded to drive off in a police cruiser parked at the site.

“I found out about this incident when scrolling through Twitter,” sophomore Will Keohane said. “It was sad to read about and shocking to later find out (that) the suspect (allegedly) stole the policeman’s SUV.”

Walters was reportedly driving at dangerous speeds, allegedly reaching 101 miles per hour at one point.

Later that night, Walters allegedly struck an Acura SUV and a Honda Odyssey, resulting in the deaths of two children inside the vehicles. 

After the crash, police identified Walters as the driver who collided with  tree earlier in the evening.

Police later apprehended Walters, and he is expected to face charges. He has a previous criminal record of robbery, assault and burglary.

By Jake Geiger & Ryan Kambich | Guest Writer & Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of CNN