Buttercream’s best

By avery Strychasz, Staff Writer It’s your birthday. You are serenaded with the melodic and slightly off-key tunes of “Happy Birthday” by your closest friends and family while you reminisce about all that the year has brought you. As the melody draws to a close, you prepare to make your special birthday wish and blow out your candles. Nothing could ruin this moment – or so you think.  You begin to portion out the triangular slices of heaven to your guests to commemorate your special day. You watch as they begin to tuck into their piece, and you bring your … Continue reading Buttercream’s best

Back Page 9/23/2021

The Blob Tank By Avery Strychasz, Staff writer Following an anonymous tip, we here at The Back Page have uncovered a secret underground organization: The D’Artagnan Investment Fund. Unlike The D’Artagnan Capital Fund, the investment fund strives to invest money into startups that will improve life for Xavier students. The ideas are pitched to the investors in a similar fashion to the classic show Shark Tank, but due to copyright reasons, it is nothing like Shark Tank. The cloak and dagger organization has been operating since Xavier’s founding and has been kept alive through generous donations of dining dollars and … Continue reading Back Page 9/23/2021

Getting to know a Graeter you

By Avery Strychasz, Staff Writer Graeter’s: It’s the one place that has bonded Xavier students for decades. In memoriam of the Xavier location’s closure on Monday, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what your flavor choice says about you! Madagascar Vanilla Bean If you get this flavor, your favorite foods are probably mac and cheese and chicken tenders, and that’s okay. But let’s be honest, unless you are making a boujee root beer float, your $5 is better spent elsewhere.  Dutch Milk Chocolate  Anyone who gets this flavor is doing pretty well for themselves. Dutch Milk Chocolate signals stability … Continue reading Getting to know a Graeter you