Back Page 3/31/2022

The Back Page takes over Newswire By The Back Page, The Best Page I, The Back Page, have been cast out and abandoned like a wolf at the back of the pack. I come before you now as the truest page of Newswire, to let you know what happened to me and what really happens on these wretched pages.  To begin, I gained sentience during the nuclear fallout from the Third Great Newswire War. For my alleged war crimes, I was shackled to the last page — condemned and unable to be free from the curse that bound me there. … Continue reading Back Page 3/31/2022

Back Page 3/24/22

The Xavier Oscars By Kayla Ross and Spencer De Tenley Best Building Whether you’re looking for girth or length, the best building is something everyone wants but not everyone can have. Nominees:    • Justice Hall    • Alter Hall    • Schott Hall    • Smith Hall Winner… Justice Hall. Although the Class of 2025 may have gotten screwed over next year, at least the housing selection chaos is finished. Food The nominees for this category are few and far between. (These were the only options.)  Nominees:    • Starbucks     • Hoff Dining Commons     • Burger 513    • The random Raising Cane’s catered to … Continue reading Back Page 3/24/22

Back Page 3/17/2022

After an enlightening spring break trip to an art museum, we at the Back Page challenge you to think long and hard about the finer things in life in this edition of… Top 5 Sexiest Bachelors in Art History This classy and sassy status of Dionysus? More like Dio-nice, sis! His tranquil expression and beautifully curled hair remind me of my high school crush, who coincidentally was also known as the God of Speed. Rating: 5.5/10. That’s actually slightly above the U.S. average; trust me. This Renaissance work by Raphael (not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) made me Rapha-yell for … Continue reading Back Page 3/17/2022