CFJ adds new Protestant chaplain

Rev. Justin West joins the CFJ, bringing knowledge and a positive outlook By Tess Brewer, Staff Writer Reverend Justin West has joined the Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) as the new Protestant chaplain, as well as the new Faith and Race Program Director.  He has embraced involvement on campus and is eager to start conversations with students about “faith, race, life — and the intersection of all three.”  Before coming to Xavier, West was involved in the Chicago area as a youth minister in a local church and also directed nonprofit youth programs. While he has had experience working … Continue reading CFJ adds new Protestant chaplain

Back Page: 8/26/2021

Masks, Pants and More Now Optional in the HUB By Charlie Gstalder, Opinions Page editor As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Xavier has declared that masks are no longer required inside the Health United Building (HUB). In celebration of the joyous news, we here at the Back Page have compiled a list of other inconveniences that will no longer be required at the HUB. Pants: Effective immediately, pants, shorts, skirts and all other primary leg coverings will no longer be mandated in the HUB. In lieu of traditional bottom garments, students are strongly encouraged to wear either fluffy pink … Continue reading Back Page: 8/26/2021

News Crew listens to blue tunes

by tess brewer, staff writer Left to our own devices and neurosis, 2020 was a year of in-home escapism. For the tumultuous mental state, no better remedy exists than that of artistic consumption.  Thanks to the rise of music streaming services, we have a way to delve into the individual psyche, a tool colloquially known as “Spotify Wrapped.”  A few brave Newswirans opened up their playlists to be psychoanalyzed by a non-certified psychology major. I do not claim to know what I’m talking about, which is an understanding in the field of psychoanalysis.  The names herein have been changed to … Continue reading News Crew listens to blue tunes