Fence to be built around basketball courts

By: Mike Clark

The area around the basketball courts by Buenger Hall is undergoing construction for a fence in order to enclose the basketball courts. This fence will have a card key swipe able entry, allowing students access via their Xavier All Card.

The basketball courts fence is being built because of concerns pertaining to the Xavier Community. Built for Xavier students, this area is supposed to be for Xavier students whenever they want to use them.

However, members of the community around Xavier have made this place a meeting space for playing basketball.  While this is not necessarily a problem, sometimes Xavier students cannot use the courts due to the rather large influx of community members.

Jeff Kullman, VP of Audit and Risk at Xavier, hopes to resolve the manner in an effective manner for both parties. By building the fence around the basketball courts, Kullman said that Xavier students will have more freedom to use the court when they wish because a student has the power to swipe in at any moment.

Community members will still be allowed access to the court as well; they only need go to the O’Connor Sports Center, fill out a form and obtain their key card for the card reader at the court.

This plan, as Kullman said, will allow Xavier students the ability to use the courts when they want to without having to deal with too many community members occupying the courts. This manner of regulation also helps to deal with the amount of theft of Xavier student possessions that has been occurring the last eight to 12 months.

In all, the system that will be in place hopes to unite the two communities under a common rule so that both, without having to worry about overpopulation or theft, may use the basketball courts at their leisure.