Class Registration

By: Emily Brennan ~Guest Writer~


If Fine Arts aren’t your scene then that is pretty unfortunate since those are required credits for graduation. However, there are plenty of unique options out there that might suit your fancy. There are a ton of dance classes including tap, ballroom and modern dance (maybe you can hit that quan or be taught how to really dougie).


Perhaps you are more interested in a relaxed arts class. The only restriction for the Potter’s Wheel class is that you must not be an art major, so it must be somewhat doable. It’s an in depth investigation of working on the potter’s wheel, emphasizing form, function and, most importantly, having fun while playing with clay.

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MAKE 101

The School of Arts and Innovation is finally underway here at Xavier, and it has an abundance of progressive classes to offer creative students. In MAKE 101 Introduction to Making, students are able to use technologies that allow digital fabrication, like 3D-printers. Digital fabrication tools allow companies to conduct rapid prototyping of new products, physical and digital. The students have recently worked on building a prototype prosthetic leg for a disabled golden retriever. If you are a hands-on person with a lot of ideas, check out the website for Arts and Innovation to explore some pretty neat options.


Listen up crime show devotees, Our Universe: Forensic Studies will actually explain the intriguing work of crime scene investigators (from a physics standpoint). Physics sounds almost manageable when it’s included with techniques to find out how a crime happened through ballistics, blood pattern analysis and skid marks. You would also learn the techniques needed for investigating crime scenes such as bite marks, fingerprints and body fluids. If you just threw up in your mouth a little, that’s OK, the crime scene isn’t everyone’s scene.

With the stress of course registration looming over students’ heads, even the Blue Blob has been considering his options. Xavier offers so many interesting classes that making sense of it all can be difficult. However, upon sifting through the course lists, he found some very unique options that should keep him interested and entertained all semester.