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To all the first-years searching for housing next year, The Newswire has the perfect cheat sheet to help you figure out where to live based on location, space, price and perks/downsides:

Kuhlman Hall: Probably the most centrally located sophomore building on campus in terms of accessibility, Kuhlman is a first-year and sophomore building located right in the Xavier Yard. If you lived in Kuhlman this year and loved it, get ready for round 2! There aren’t any perks to being a sophomore in Kuhlman compared to being a first-year, but you could always try to get your whole friend group to live in one wing of Kuhlman’s top two floors! Live by yourself with your froomie (future roommate or friend roommate) in Kuhlman’s simple suite-styled dorm. Dorms have one bedroom for you and your roommate and a connecting bathroom to another double or single bedroom. Sinks are nicely located outside of the bathroom in each bedroom for easy access. The sinks don’t take up too much space because the room is spacious, and everything can be arranged without feeling cluttered. Living in Kuhlman is very nice and perfect for checking into Cintas on X-Pulse without having to get out of bed. The price for this suite is $3,375.

Buenger Hall: The nicely renovated sophomore, first-year honors and athletics dorm is definitely the way to go if you cannot get into Fenwick or prefer to be closer to the parking lot. Truthfully, it is a bit secluded in location, but it has a great studious atmosphere to it. Live in a suite with a common area, one-and-a-half bathroom and bedrooms for four or six people. Use a nifty key to get into your dorm which is very nice if you forget your ALL Card in your bedroom. Enjoy your sophomore year in one of the nicest dorms on campus for a total cost of $4,100 for a single room or $3,740 for a double.

Commons Apartments: Get another taste of independent living as you live the best of both food worlds by having your own kitchen and living spaces right next door to the caf. Get your own room for only $4,730 and only worry about sharing a bathroom, common area and kitchen. It is the perfect preparation for apartment living without having to share your bedroom with anyone but overnight guests. The best perk of the Commons is that Father Graham lives there, too. Feel super blessed as you sit in your university-furnished living room and one of the newest residences on campus.

Photo courtesy of Maya Mendonsa

Bishop Fenwick Place: Located above the caf, you feel like you are truly living the suite life in this hotel designed dorm. This dorm allows you to choose among a four-person, six-person or eight-person suite. Four-person suites only have one bathroom, but six-person and eight-person suites have two bathrooms. Each bathroom in Fenwick has a shower, a sink and a toilet as well as an extra sink outside of the bathroom in case you need to brush your teeth but the bathroom is occupied. Upon entering the dorm, you see a spacious common area with free (not beautiful) furniture supplied by the university. Just bring your own TV, and you’re set for the best movie night with friends. Plus, the whole dorm is carpeted, which is perfect for keeping your feet from getting cold. The best part of this spacious dorm is not having to leave the building on a rainy or miserable day. Throw on some Birkenstocks with socks and head downstairs to the caf without having to step foot outside. If you need to study, no worries, there is a lounge in each wing with huge windows. The only true downside is that the first floor by Smith is not actually connected to the caf. Rooms are $4,100 for a single or $3,740 for a double.


University Apartments: Live in the nice, secluded apartments just steps away from Gallagher and right across the sidewalk from Buenger. The most affordable apartment on campus at $2,960 has great privileges like being able to cook in your own kitchen, a living room, plenty of closet/storage space and privacy. Bedrooms are triples only, but it is easy to make a setup that won’t make the room feel so cramped. It is a grungy but lovable apartment that is worth experiencing.

Manor House: Give yourself the best first apartment living experience possible on Xavier’s campus and the chance to cut down on your meal plan by cooking in your own cozy kitchen. Sophomore Maya Mendonsa says, “You can really make it your own, homey space and you’re still located close enough to campus that you feel like you’re a part of your community.” Each room in the Manor House fits two and is an open layout with a living space and one bathroom. It also has plenty of storage space for you to use. It may not have a walk-in closet, but for $3,545 it is a steal!

Village Apartments: Craving that apartment feel, but too nervous to depart from Xavier’s residences? Fear not, because the Village Apartments are perfect for you! Located right across the street from the admissions office on Dana Avenue, these apartments offer privacy and an off-campus vibe while still being a part of Xavier. Receive perks like your own parking lot, a full kitchen, living room and private ($4,730) or shared ($4,160) bedrooms. Choose wisely and you can even have a room with a balcony. How fancy! You can live in a two-bedroom flat, a two-bedroom townhouse or a four-bedroom apartment. It is rough to walk to class whenever the weather conditions are less than ideal, but it is an easy price to pay for independence. Bedrooms are on the smaller side, so if you are going to share, choose a roommate who you can get along with.

By: Monica Schweiger ~Features Editor~

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Aries: Just like Adam Rippon, USA figure skater, you will make Reese Witherspoon proud.

Taurus: Forget about finding a penny on the ground, you will find a Black Panther admission ticket and will be able to see the best movie ever.

Gemini: Fergalicious definition, make them notes go loco. Take a hint from Fergie and keep your national anthem singing to the shower.

Cancer: Just like American Idol, you need to take a two-year break from existing so you can come back bigger and better

Leo: Don’t worry about not catching the name of the cute stranger at Dana’s, your BFF will use their FBI skills to find them on Instagram.

Virgo: There is a 30% chance that you are already reading this horoscope.

Libra: Cancel all plans, it’s time to make a very unwanted, opinionated post on Facebook about 50 Shades Freed.

Scorpio: Thursday is the best day to sing and dance in the rain to “Africa.” You’ll be sure to bless the rains down in Gallagher.

Sagittarius: Grab a bowl of Lucky Charms from the caf, and it will reveal who has a crush on you.

Capricorn: Your midterm will consist of a 200 word essay composed of vine references only.

Aquarius: Drink some Kool-Aid because it will help you with your cool, man.

Pisces: Sneak into the nursing school’s snowball dance by dressing up like Olaf. It definitely won’t work, and you’ll be embarassed thoroughly.

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This post was assembled by Features Editor Monica Schweiger.