Features: “End of the Semester Quiz” and Extras – 4/11/2018

Comic courtesy of Nathan Pyle

Feeling stressed already about finals and the end of the school year? Relieve some stress by taking this end of the semester quiz that will determine your end of the semester mood.

  1. If you were a brunch food, what food would you be?
    1. French Toast
    2. Breakfast Sandwich
    3. Avocado Toast
    4. Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  2. While playing Cards Against Humanity, you…
    1. Choose the funniest card
    2. Choose the card that makes no sense
    3. Choose the card that fits the best
    4. Choose the dirtiest card
  3. During the summer you like to…
    1. Travel
    2. Swim and/or lounge by the water
    3. Watch fireworks
    4. Have picnics and barbeques in the park
  4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    1. Waiting
    2. Loud chewers
    3. Being a light sleeper
    4. People who won’t get off their phones
  5. You’re abandoned on an island, what do you bring with you?
    1. A boat
    2. Your favorite book
    3. A survival pack including food, medicine and water
    4. Your beloved friend(s) to keep you company


Mostly 1s: You’re ready to blow this popsicle stand whether it be graduation, a gap year or dropping out of school. Expect it to be really hard to finish these last few weeks as you, unfortunately, wait for summer dayz to come.

Mostly 2s: There is nothing you want more than to enjoy these last few days before the end of the semester. You want to hold tight to the memories before they are gone all too fast, which means you might end up overbooking yourself a little.

Mostly 3s: You take things as they come. You’re always prepared, and finals week is no different. You’re the best when it comes to time management, so it will be no shocker for you when you end up making Dean’s list again and make it look so effortless.

Mostly 4s: Quality time is your jam, people just love spending time with you because of your fun personality. Try to soften the blow of being away from your college buds by planning the most extravagant, wild weekend you can imagine from exploring a new area in Ohio and/or Kentucky to eating out at the best restaurants.

Combo of everything: You have a mix of emotions for the end of the semester. You don’t really care about the whole sentiment of the semester ending until you remember how different things will be for the next three months. You’re going to want to change things up by getting a dramatic haircut and wonder if you should get a tattoo or piercing.


  • Senioritis
  • Quiz
  • Tatum
  • Dewan
  • Office
  • Opinions
  • Holi
  • Brunch
  • Roseball
  • Yodel
  • Finals
  • Quiet Place


Aries: Congratulations, you just won free back stage passes to Yodeling Walmart Kid’s concert! Those are easily worth 10 grand.

Taurus: This Friday the 13th, you will break any mirror you look at because you’re u-g-l-y.

Gemini: The only thing worse than spending all your money at Target is not spending all your money at Target.

Cancer: Looks like you’re going to have a saucy weekend full of Chick-Fil-A and breaking into Chick-Fil-A on Sunday to eat mor chikin.

Leo: You and your signficant other will be the best love story since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan minus the divorce.

Virgo: I wouldn’t advise wearing cute shoes this weekend. Someone is bound to be clumsy around you.

Libra: You will participate in a speed dating event but will leave with no dates because Sophia the Robot charmed everyone.

Scorpio: Wear goggles this Thursday so you don’t get powder in your eyes during Holi. Your corneas will thank you.

Sagittarius: Savor these last few weeks of school. Your time left with Coffee Emporium on campus will fly by faster than you know.

Capricorn: The Wi-Fi on campus will be down all week (shocker), so make sure to e-mail the Newswire game suggestions and we’ll put them online. for you.

Aquarius: Build a crazy dream house Pinterest board and the stars will tell you when you’ll get married.

Pisces: A Quiet Place is just where you go when you get jinxed until your name is said.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Monica Schweiger.