Features: “Some quick tips from a Xavier senior” and extras – 8/15/2018

Comic courtesy of Dami Lee

So school is a thing that’s happening soon. Like, really soon. Trust me, I’ve got the same mixed bag of emotions you do, and I’ve been doing this for three years. When I first stumbled around campus during Manresa, I can’t even begin to explain how lost I felt. None of my high school friends came with me to this school — so literally everything was foreign to me. The students, the buildings, the instructors — everything was new, and everything was strange. Add that to the fact that I was horrifically introverted and saddled with helicopter parents who discouraged any form of socializing, and things got pretty tough.

Don’t worry, though! I’ve compiled a little list of things I wish I’d known when I first started out as a student here. Whether you’re new or returning, I hope that at least one of these makes your transition into the Xavier community a little smoother.

If you like eggs, the cafeteria has incredible custom omelets. These are typically only available until 11 a.m., however, so plan accordingly. There’s also custom pasta, which is only available in the afternoon.

Got dining dollars? You can actually use them in the All For One Shop in the Gallagher Student Center, so long as you’re spending them on food.

Want to study in Alter Hall, but all the rooms are full? When you walk toward the front entrance, take a hard left and go down the ramp/stairs. It’ll take you to Hailstones, a building I had no idea existed till my sophomore year. It’s older than Alter, but it serves its purpose just as well.

Professors are incredibly accommodating, so make sure you let them know about the stuff going on in your life on the very first day of class. For example, I let them know I’m a commuter because weather, traffic and etc. may hinder my ability to arrive to class on time.

Take as much advantage of Club Day as you can. From the freebies, to the people, to the (hopefully) nice weather, Xavier’s clubs only have a mass gathering like this twice a year. Sign up for as many clubs are you can.

Be careful with the printing system. You get $80 every semester, where every page costs a couple cents — plenty for some people, but not enough for others. Look out for your theatre friends and consider lending them your printing money. Because they will run out pretty quickly.

Don’t panic! Live day to day and focus on the positives. With great change comes even greater opportunity. You got this.

By: Soondos Mulla Ossman | Features Editor


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Aries: Auto-correct really doesn’t like you this week. Type very slowly and very carefully.

Taurus: As you’re packing and getting ready to move in, take some time to poke through your little box of childhood memories.

Gemini: With all these movie sequels flying left and right, re-watch the originals and marvel to yourself about how the first ones are always, always better.

Cancer: Welcome to the Queen City, where your wallet gains sentience, climbs out of your pocket and leaps at literally everything in sight.

Leo: Challenge yourself to respond to text messsages using nothing but gifs for a day. It’s actually a great way of forcing yourself to slow down and think about what you’re sending.

Virgo: Now’s the time to forgive your dog for peeing on your Valentino white bag. If you’re leaving home for school, you won’t get another chance for a while.

Libra: Got so much stuff on your floor you literally can’t see it anymore? Same. Leave it. No judgment here.

Scorpio: Buy a planner with “I am very busy” written on the front to motivate you to live up to that thing’s expectations.

Sagittarius: When all else fails, play dead. You can’t reply to emails or pack or get all your life obligations done when you’re dead, right?

Capricorn: Double check Rate My Profesor, my dudes, before it’s too late.

Aquarius: Pennies cost more to make than they’re worth, so why does it feel good to find one on the sidewalk? Work those glutes and snatch it up, girl.

Pisces: Just remember that canceled plans = more time to catch up on all that good stuff on Netflix. Or, y’know, mentally prepare yourself for school.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla Ossman.