Learn more about SGA’s newly-elected senators

By Chloe Salveson, Show Manager

On Nov. 9, Newswire interviewed six of the nine newly-elected senators on the Student Government Association (SGA). These senators include: Erik Canady, Luka Grdinich, Jordyn Horne, Will Griesemer, Nick Jebsen, Shontelle Johnson, Nolan Krimpenfort, Nathan Pinon and Ethan Nichols. 

The senators were elected on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021 and will officially take office on Jan. 1, 2022. 

We asked each new senator two important questions: Why did you want to join SGA, and what goals do you have for the coming year? Here’s what the newest members of SGA  said.

Luka Grdinich

First-year Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

  • “I ran for SGA because I wanted to be a voice to help students out with their concerns on campus.”
  • “I hope to improve the communication that the administration has with the students. I want all students to be able to know what is going on at all times.”

Nick Jebsen

First-year finance and business analytics double major 

  • “I ran for SGA because I desire to better the resources and the overall experience for Xavier’s outstanding student body.” 
  • “I would most definitely like to (work towards) getting the outdoor basketball rims back up for the student body.” 

Jordyn Horne

Sophomore marketing and accounting major

  • “I ran for SGA because I loved being in student government in high school and missed having the opportunity to create change for the student body.”
  • “As a member of SGA, I’m hoping to create a sustainability plan to minimize Xavier’s environmental impact.”

Shontelle Johnson

First-year political science major 

  • “I ran for the student government Senate as an opportunity to advocate for all people within the university.”
  • “The initiatives I hope to implement include a plan for marginalized groups affected by discriminatory incidents, expansion for counseling and therapy services to include long-term care for current students during their stay at Xavier and a plan with XUPD for an improved system for students to offer their on-campus observations.”


Ethan Nichols

First-year Philosophy Politics and the Public major

  • “I ran because I wanted an opportunity to give back and serve my fellow students. I believe that there is a lot that SGA can do to help the student body population, and I’d like to be a part of that.”
  • “While I have a lot of ideas, I think there are a few areas that should really be prioritized this coming year. A few of the projects I’d like to work on include student involvement, sustainability and accessibility on campus.”

Erik Canady

Junior political science major

  • “I have always, throughout my college career at Xavier, sought to make Xavier a better place through student involvement. I feel like running for SGA gave me the best opportunity to do that.”
  • • “I have two top initiatives as a senator. I want SGA to increase the available funds for student-run clubs on campus to operate and put on events for students. I also want SGA to add or investigate adding mental health rest days in the Xavier academic calendar.