LIV Golf allies with XU

By Presston Freedoms, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: The following article is satire, as it was apart of an April Fool’s edition.

Xavier Athletics has announced a new partnership with the Saudi Arabia backed LIV Golf League. The partnership will see Xavier University as the inaugural host of LIV Golf’s new frisbee golf venture.

The LIV Frisbee golf division is expected to significantly expand the new league’s reach by tapping into the college market.

Tournaments are expected to begin in 2024, with professional frisbee golfers from across the world slated to compete.

An aid to the Saudi Crown Prince released a statement touting the benefits of partnering with Xavier.

“Xavier Unviersity’s Cincinnati Campus is the prime location for us to begin our new frisbee golf endeavors. Xavier’s student government’s implementation of a Frisbee golf course on campus has provided an ideal terrain for internationally ranked frisbee golf.”

In an interview with Newswire, Xavier’s Athletic Marketing Director Bill MeMore explained Xavier’s reasoning for the partnership.

“I mean LIV Golf gave us literally 41 million reasons that this would benefit the University. That coupled with the potential to diversify our investment portfolio into oil and gas production was just too good to pass up.”

MeMore added, “No wait, don’t print that please. I meant to say that it’s a great way to increase our standing amongst National Universities.”

Accusations of sports washing, or using a sporting event to distract from negative public opinion, are rampant on both sides of the deal.
Critics of the Saudi Government have claimed that the regime is using its LIV golf leagues to distract from its record of human rights abuses, including the brutal murder of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Critics of Xavier University have pointed to renewed attention on the decision to invite a racist public figure to teach at a campus with buildings still named after Slave Owners, as a reason for the Saudi partnership.

The reaction has been split amongst the students. First Year business undecided major and Frisbee Golf enthusiast Brodie Bruhson, was thrilled.

“This is great! More Frisbee golf and my professor told me I get to participate in the Crown Prince’s Personal Investment fund as part of class.”

Junior Nursing Major Brian Bjorkurker, was less enthused.

“I don’t see why we need yet another third-tier sporting option on campus. Can’t they just give us contraceptives instead?”