DIFT awards

By Griffin Brammer, Newswire Live Show Manager Two Xavier alumni have been nominated for a California-based film award for their senior documentary. Fausto Scricca and Michael Culkin are 2021 graduates with degrees in Digital Innovation, Film and Technology (DIFT). Their film, “Got Nic?” received a nomination in the Documentary, Short or Feature category for the ETHOS Awards.  The ETHOS Awards are a Los Angeles and Santa Monica-based film festival and award ceremony created by filmmaker Annabelle Munro.  “The awards show has been running for four years and is run by Hollywood industry professionals,” Culkin explained.  “(Awards) are not exclusively given … Continue reading DIFT awards

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Christian girl autumn By Molly Hulligan, Head Copy Editor Ugg boots. These are foundational. Specifically that weird tan color that doesn’t really match anything yet simultaneously matches everything. God will kiss the ground you walk on. You’re a certified Christian girly if you’re stepping out of the house in these. Bonus points if your Uggs have fuzz sticking out the top and/or a purely decorative button on the outside.  Skinny jeans. Are they cheugy? Yes. But they’re part of the uniform. Is “cheugy”, cheugy? Yes. But, it’s a requirement of my article assignment. Anyway, get to shopping. Frankly, I have … Continue reading Back Page 09/21/22