Feature: Teacher’s Pet

Comic by Nathan W. Pyle

With a campus as small as Xavier’s, you get to know everyone around you – especially the adorable animals that are much cuter than all those people combined. Just in case you missed one, here are some of the cute animals you should keep an eye out for on your walk to class.

1. Father LaRocca’s loveable beagle, Bella, is a staple of the Xavier community. She can be seen wandering around the green space on her frequent walks. If you’re lucky she might even greet you with one of her booming barks (don’t worry; she’s all bark and no bite).

2. Olivia is a beautiful chocolate lab puppy that has come to Xavier through the 4 Paws for Ability program. Right now she’s just in training, but it’s always exciting to see her attending class in Alter because you know she’s going to help a child in need in the future!

3. Buzz and Bee are two adorable cats that have made Husman their kingdom. Bee is the new kitty in the castle, but you can see them both playing in the window as you walk through the green space

4. Griffin’s curly hair is always a crowd favorite as he makes his way through campus. The big doggo looks just like a teddy bear! Village residents can even sign up to give him walks which are great especially great for when you’re missing your own pupper at home.

5. Neala is a sweet old black lab that can sometimes be seen attending night classes in Alter. She has also accompanied several Xavier expeditions. She is definitely the most traveled doggie on campus.

6. If you lived in Buenger, you know about the nice old man who still lives in his house almost in the middle of campus. You will also know about his multiple adorable cats that have free roam around campus. They never stray too far from their home, but it’s always exciting to see them streak in front of you on your way to Cintas. Bonus points if you can figure out how many cats there actually are.

By: Riley Head ~A&E Editor~