Features: “Seasons,” “Fall is Falling,” “Tips to a Successful Fall,” & Extras – 9/19/2018


Carefully balancing her bike on one wheel, Nancy quietly eased her apartment door shut. Because Manor House apartments are only a few steps from the sidewalk, she had no trouble carrying it over the carpet and outside. Putting on her helmet and taking a sip of water, she set off for an early morning ride.

To avoid vehicle traffic, she decided to stay on campus. There wouldn’t be much at 8 a.m. on Saturday, but her yellow bike might blend with the sunrise. Nancy loved early mornings on campus. Once she passed the parishioners making their way into Bellarmine Chapel for Mass, she could almost imagine she was the only person here.

Pedaling down the Academic Mall, she began to relax, allowing her hair to trail behind her alongside the stress of another school year. A breeze blew through the trees overhead, which in turn rained down a cluster of reddish-orange leaves. As they crunched under the wheels of her bike, Nancy’s thoughts turned to home. I bet the leaves in Vermont look nice right about now. The tourists will be headed that way soon, and the interstates will clog up. That thought made her grin. Interstates here are always busy.

That was a change she would have to get used to. Just as nature was transitioning, Nancy was transitioning into a new school year in the Midwest. New England was far away, and midterms would be here before she knew it. She sighed, the sound lost in her own wake.

Circling back at Hinkle Hall, Nancy’s thoughts wandered again. Well, I’ll just have to adjust as the year goes on. Nothing ever stays the same forever. Even the colors of the Vermont forests will eventually fall to the ground, with no guarantee of returning next fall.

By: Olivia Campbell | Guest Writer

Fall is Falling

The time has come for something new
Outside, brisk winds whirl around
Mother Nature has taken her cue

The oak and maple develop an amber hue,
Their crisp leaves envelop the ground
The time has come for something new

Masses of gray sweaters have come into view
Comfort and warmth are found
Mother Nature has taken her cue

On the stove roasts a succulent stew
Hot, pumpkin-spiced lattes again renowned
The time has come for something new

Hordes of frightening decor debut
Echoes of Trick-or-Treat howl through town
Mother Nature has taken her cue

Fall is falling, you know it is true
A new season is crowned
The time has come for something new
Mother Nature has taken her cue

By: Alex Budzynski | Guest Writer

Tips to a Successful Fall

1. Make the most out of sweater weather

As fall approaches and the seasons shift, the weather grows colder. That means it is time to bundle up! Make sure that you are not left out in the chilly fall breeze and pull out those hoodies and sweatpants A.S.A.P. Maybe even try knitting your own cozy sweater this September.

2. Be outside

As the temperature drops, outdoor opportunities will plummet just as quickly. Spend as much time outdoors while you are still able! Grab some friends, build a fire to toast some marshmallows, have a photoshoot in the fallen leaves or even find a table and chair on a sunny day to work.

3. Get those decorations ready

We all know it is coming, and we had better be ready. The start of fall means the start of the holiday season! Get out your candy jars, extravagant costumes and carved pumpkins to make this Halloween the best one yet.

4. Get a pumpkin spice latte

Speaking of pumpkins, you do not want to miss the holiday-exclusive drink at Starbucks. You can buy this fall concoction for the mere price of $4.25 at University Station.

By: Alex Budzynski | Guest Writer


Aries: Findlay Market, Renaissance fair, they’re all happening, and you’d better budget — otherwise start planning the funeral of your school survival money.

Taurus: Little bits of packaged candy and snacks are underrated yet excellent bribing tools to get friends to do stuff for you. Just friends. Please don’t use them on school faculty/staff.

Gemini: Be very careful if you’re looking for free pdf versions of books/assigned readings online this week. One miss-click and you’ve got a butt-load of malware.

Cancer: This week, you’re that dad from the Vine whose daughter brings your attention to the “Good Kush”, and all you can say is, “This is the dollar store, how good can it be?”

Leo: We all feel compelled to flake sometimes, but this is not the week to do it. Put on some pants and maybe some shoes, and show up to even the most obtuse meetings — like yogurt club.

Virgo: If obligations overwhelm you, get a modest percentage out of the way, then recline in your chair for a solid hour and ignore the inward screaming your brain is doing.

Libra: Don’t wear white shirts, because ramen soup stains may not exactly be a look you can pull off.

Scorpio: Almost everyone around you is that person from the Vine saying, “…and they were roommates,” and it’s totally okay to be the guy saying, “Mah god they were roommates.”

Sagittarius: The only thing you wanna appease this week is your tummy, and there’s no better way to do that than getting your hands on one of those super soft Xavier caf cookies.

Capricorn: Graeter’s ice cream will tempt you. It will tempt you really hard. And you know what? Who am I to tell you to not go for the comfort food?

Aquarius: The first exams or big projects of the semester are going on around this time. You can say yes to only one of two things this week, but not both: parties, or good grades.

Pisces: Things won’t really want to go your way this week. You’ll try to throw your silverware into the caf chutes, and they’ll bounce off the walls and spray food everywhere instead.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla-Ossman