An argument against posadism based on extraterrestrial theory

By Mo Juenger | Staff Writer

Posadist theory states that any alien civilization which contacts Earth must be socialist because they have reached the level of technological advancement that only socialism could allow. This argument can easily be disproven.

Why do humans so desperately want to explore other planets? Because we wrecked our own environment, we are looking for other livable planets that our species could inhabit when we run out of resources, begin burning to a crisp or our sun explodes. This is imperialism.

Nonviolent interplanetary visits would be wasteful. Earth is clearly a less advanced planet than the home of whatever aliens might be contacting us, as we have not figured out how to contact them first. Therefore, there would be no benefit of alien planets contacting ours without goals of imperialism.

Imperializing another planet goes directly against socialist values of equality and nonviolence. Nonviolent contact would not be pragmatic or productive and again not appropriate for a socialist civilization. Therefore, no alien that interacted with Earth could possibly be socialist.

This leads us to the conclusion that Posadism is absolute nonsense. We probably could have figured that out with the nuclear-bombing-capitalism ideas, honestly.

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